Friday, 1 May 2009

Spanking children? That is illogical...

Dr Spock - Benjamin Spock, not Star Trek's Mr Spock - was the revolutionary childcare expert who transformed American parents' attitudes to children in the 1960s. Less of the Eisenhower-era, almost Victorian, stern, remote parenting, and more cuddles, affection and general fluffiness. Over on the ISCA forum, I contributed two drawings of him for their Birthday Caricatures section. The first was bloody awful, so I won't bother reproducing it here.

But I'm rather pleased with the second, which you can see below, together with an inset photo of the good doc, seeing as probably nobody reading this blog has the faintest idea what he looked like...

The style harks back to my old style fifteen years ago, and now I'm getting back more into drawing, it's a style I'm the most comfortable with. It's not a million miles away from Bill Plympton's early caricatures, before he became an ace indie animator (Your Face etc.).


  1. Having just checked out your excellent blog, I am very flattered by your comment, thank you!