Sunday, 30 December 2012


At long last, over three years after starting and having scrapped one earlier attempt on the grounds it was shite, I have finally handed over a caricature bust I made of a friend's father. And this is it...

Sculpted in plasticine, RTV silicone mould (with plaster support jacket) made from that, then cast in a resin-bronze powder mix.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

More Vince!

A rather longer interval between the last post and this than was originally intended, essentially because we had a brief heatwave for nearly two weeks which, due to my flat being like an oven in warm weather, made the clay too soft and sticky to work with. Fortunately, the nice weather has ended and June is its customary pisspoor self thus enabling me to resume sculpting and finish the Vince Cable model, as follows:

Now that I've completed two sculptures, I shall make plaster moulds from them soon, using a harder plaster than I've used before called Modell Plaster, which I got from Alec Tiranti (see links on the right). I chose to use this much harder material because the sculptures are considerably smaller than I've made before, so any potential small breakages of the plaster as the clay is removed will show up far more than on a larger casting of a larger object, such as the nearly-lifesize Nick Griffin head. I hope this very hard plaster will not break at all, either during removal of the clay master or subsequent removal of rubber castings.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Vince Cable

Formerly seen as a prophet crying in the wilderness for his warnings about casino capitalism and now tainted by membership of one of the shittiest government administrations in British history, Vince Cable is still reasonably respected. But not enough to escape being lampooned in clay. The sculpture isn't yet finished, but is nearly there, enough to warrant an in-progress photoshoot...

Thursday, 17 May 2012

At last, a new post!

Blimey, it's been a while, but hopefully this will mark the start of a new burst of activity...

I'm working on a new project which involves making stopmotion animation puppets of members of the Coalition Cabinet. First up, everyone's favourite Child Catcher Lookalike Secretary of State for Education, little Michael Gove!

The sculpture is made from plasticine, and from that a plaster mould will be made and a latex skin will be cast, have a simple armature fitted and then be filled with polyurethane foam - in essence, it's like a miniature version of the Nick Griffin head but with an armature.

Here's the sculpt:

When the actual animation puppet is made, I'll post progress over on the McTodd Animates! blog.

Next up: Vince Cable!