Tuesday, 28 April 2009


As I mentioned way back in my first post on this blog, I'm not much cop at drawing. This, of course, is a huge drawback for someone wanting to explore the art of caricature. Thus, I'm starting to draw more, fully aware that I need to do some serious learning as well as practising if I'm to get anywhere.

So, here is my version of everyone's favourite bogeyman, Adolf Hitler (done for the International Society of Caricature Artists' birthday forum thread)...

...which I then incorporated into a mini-comic strip for b3ta (click on it for biggitude):

Hitler is actually surprisingly difficult to draw, in that apart from the iconic graphic signifiers of the slicked-over parting and toothbrush moustache, there isn't actually an awful lot going on with his face. The eyes are quite piercing, and the subject's right eye tends to look slightly sleepy in contrast to the piercing left eye, and there's the surprisingly broad nose, but apart from that, not a lot, as one of the foremost magicians of our age would say...

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