Monday, 23 March 2009

What a grey day

Painting is a pain in the arse. Why? Because whenever you slap a coat of paint on a model/sculpture, nine million cracks you'd never previously noticed suddenly gape out at you. Cue much arsing about with putty...

Finally, however, I managed to cover most of the worst cracks, and am finding that a thick splodge of paint fills in hairline jobs. Below is the sculpture with a couple of layers of primer:

Last night I slapped a load of flesh-coloured paint on, but couldn't be bothered to take any photos. I hope to update tomorrow...

By the way, I probably shan't bother going into this kind of step-by-step detail in future, as most of my techniques will probably remain much the same. Only when I do something radically different will I post about the process. Otherwise, I shall try to restrict posts to showing finished projects.


  1. cool!

    Cant wait to see your paintjob.


  2. See the next post!

    I've tried to make it an Idiot's Guide to techniques, reasoning that if I can do a certain thing, any bugger can.