Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Re-fried Fry...

Lawks a mercy, but I've been a-faffing and a-farting around with this Stephen Fry sculpture more than anything else for ages... Patrick Moore was a doddle by comparison.

Two aspects of it grated:

First, I simply wasn't happy with the shape. The mouth was wrong, the lower jaw line was off (too narrow), all in all it was bobbins.

Second, I want more subtle colouring, of skin and hair, which means painting, and that can't be done with soft clay (well, it can, Luck & Flaw painted their plasticine sculptures, I understand, but at such a small scale as I operate, I don't think it's practicable). However, the stuff I use (Super Sculpey) can be baked (in a domestic oven) to a hard, pottery-like consistency, ideal for painting.

And so I have radically re-worked the sculpture, replacing the eyes with baked-hard Sculpey hemispheres (because those lovely plastic ones, sadly, melt in the oven) and the plasticine hair with Sculpey hair, as well as making the jawline heavier, though not, I feel, offensively so (I would hope that were Sir Stephen of Fry to see this blog, he would not be too hacked off with the way I've distorted his features).

This is the result, before baking (which I plan to do tonight):

Incidentally, apropos of bugger-all, did you know that Stephen Fry was named Pipe-Smoker of the Year in 2003 by The Chap magazine? Is there no end to the avuncular bastard's talents?!?!?!

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