Sunday, 14 September 2014


Here's what the rubber heads look like after being removed from the mould (this one has been tidied up a bit, having had the 'flashing', the excess latex around the casting that seeped in between the mould halves, trimmed). This example is a puppet head of Benjamin Netanyahu.

The liquid latex was tinted beforehand, as the natural colour is a slightly translucent pale cream which makes seeing (and correcting) surface blemishes very difficult. By tinting the latex so it's darker and more opaque, tidying up the surface is made far easier.

As you can see, it is merely a rubber 'skin', albeit fairly thick, such that it can just about stand up without any internal support. Later, it will be turned upside down and soft foam will be poured in roughly half-filling the head, as described elsewhere on this blog, leaving the mouth downwards empty but enabling the upper half to keep its shape.

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