Thursday, 29 May 2014

Virtual Props

Whilst Jon shoulders the burden of post-production duties and I deal with making puppets and performing them, I have also provided some doctored images used as background plates for greenscreen shots and what I suppose could be termed 'virtual props', that is to say, for example, the various products stocked by Ukip Poundland. The first few appeared in all their glory but, sadly, to improve the tempo of the sketch, the later items moved across the screen and so couldn't be seen at all clearly. As there were a couple of gags I quite liked, I shall indulge myself by displaying them here...


  1. hi todd, saw the vids over the oth3r place good work looks like you and jones had some fun, dunno if you know this one but to get our latex slipcast stuff a bit stiffer we used to bung a a bit of plaster in the mix, a bit less flexi, but strong enough to hold itself up. all the best mate.

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the long delay replying, I only just saw your comment, duh! Thanks for the tip!