Wednesday, 6 June 2012

More Vince!

A rather longer interval between the last post and this than was originally intended, essentially because we had a brief heatwave for nearly two weeks which, due to my flat being like an oven in warm weather, made the clay too soft and sticky to work with. Fortunately, the nice weather has ended and June is its customary pisspoor self thus enabling me to resume sculpting and finish the Vince Cable model, as follows:

Now that I've completed two sculptures, I shall make plaster moulds from them soon, using a harder plaster than I've used before called Modell Plaster, which I got from Alec Tiranti (see links on the right). I chose to use this much harder material because the sculptures are considerably smaller than I've made before, so any potential small breakages of the plaster as the clay is removed will show up far more than on a larger casting of a larger object, such as the nearly-lifesize Nick Griffin head. I hope this very hard plaster will not break at all, either during removal of the clay master or subsequent removal of rubber castings.

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