Thursday, 8 December 2011


B3ta (pronounced 'beta') is a marvellous website for wastrels (like me!) to post silly stories, anecdotes and craft daft photoshopped (and other) images and animations. My first foray as an adult into sculpting caricatures was actually for a b3ta competition, when I made my Patrick Moore bust (detailed in an early bolg post after I'd upgraded the eyes).

Recently, they had an Amazing Projects thread, to which I contributed a picture of Puppet Nick Griffin, and thereby got a mention in their newsletter! Not by name but by project: b3ta Newsletter 506

Which was nice!

And as a special treat, here's a bigger version of the b3ta image, with Puppet Nick looking suitably patriotic, the twat...

I'm also on the verge of completing a caricature bust of a friend's dad, from which I'll be making a mould and then a resin-bronze casting, to give the effect of a quality cast bronze piece. More on that later...

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