Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Alfred Hitchcock: Part 4

Little progress - I've been incredibly busy at work recently, which has taken it out of me - so I've just been tweaking and improving it, and this, I think, is pretty much the final result:

This weekend I'll make the mould...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Alfred Hitchcock: Part 3

Good news - the McGuffins are happy with the sculpt! I plan to build a full body to go with the head, and exhibit it at a McGuffin's event in September, so watch this space...

On the other hand, this Hitchcock sculpt is proving harder than I'd originally thought. You would think, "Alfred Hitchcock - piece of piss." But no - it's very easy to end up with a sort of Generic Fat Bloke, which is what I felt I had in my previous post. So, a few days of faffing about, and this is where I am - I feel it now really captures the essence of Hitchcock, as it were...

Tomorrow I shall refine it, add some minor, but important, detailing, and get on with mouldmaking. Later, I'll show what those holes in the eyeball blanks are for.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Alfred Hitchcock: Part 2

Slightly behind schedule, I had hoped to have completed it by today in time for the McGuffin's quiz, but I've only (almost) completed the sculpting of the master, so here it is:

Just need to add some fine details, such as brow furrows and eyebrows and tomorrow I can get on with making the mould (which I shan't cover in detail as it will be almost exactly the same process as for the Nick Griffin puppet, with one exception which I will cover in due course).